Friday April 19

3:30 - 5:00

Welcome Event Unveiling the New NAR
Commons Ballroom

7:30 - 9:00 

An Evening with Terry Tempest Williams
(Reception and Book Signing to follow)
Lang Hall Auditorium



Saturday April 20

8:00 - 5:00    

Conference Sign-in, Poster Exhibit, Bookfair​​
Commons Ballroom


8:00 - 11:00

Morning Refreshments​​
Georgian Lounge


The Open Space of Democracy: The Challenge to Writers and Artists
Taylor Brorby, Martín Espada, Sophfronia Scott, Terry Tempest Williams 
Plenary Panel
Commons Ballroom

10:00 - 11:00

Nina Murray, Director of Arts Envoy Program
"Cultural Diplomacy: What can the State Department do for you?"
Commons Ballroom


Kij Johnson, Workshop
Bartlett 34


Lauren Schmidt, Poetry Reading

Georgian Lounge Porch

11:15 - 12:15


Kij Johnson, Reading
Bartlett 1017


Sophfronia Scott

"What Do You See Now?: Reflection in Creative Nonfiction."
Bartlett 2089


12:00 - 3:00

Afternoon Refreshments


12:30 - 1:30

Bullets into Bells: Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence *
Brian Clements, Dean Rader, Debra Marquart, Martín Espada, Kkary Pennebaker, Katie Bewyer Albrecht, Joe Gorton 
Commons Ballroom


Workshop: Write A Novel in A Month As Part of National Novel Writing Months​​
Ian Wilson​​
Bartlett 34


1:45 - 2:45


Martin Espada, Poetry Reading

Bartlett 1017


        Joyelle McSweeney, Workshop/Craft Talk

Bartlett 34


Sophfronia Scott, Reading

Georgian Lounge Porch


3:00 - 5:00


 Chris Johnson​​, Founder & Principal, The Milkweed Group 
"Nourishing the Courage to Create in Anguished Times"

Thompson Commons, Bartlett 81​


3:00 - 4:00


Lauren Schmidt, Workshop 
"'I Sing the Body Electric': Using Concrete Imagery to Write the Body"
Bartlett 34​​


Adrianne Finlay, Workshop/Craft Talk
Bartlett 2089


Joseph Scapellato, Fiction Reading from The Made-Up Man​
Bartlett 1017



4:15 - 5:15


Joyelle McSweeney, Reading
Georgian Lounge Porch


Adrianne Finlay, Fiction Reading from Your One & Only​​
Bartlett 1017


Joseph Scapellato, Workshop/Craft Talk​​
Bartlett 34​


7:30 - 8:30

Taylor Brorby
"The River of Imaginion"
Commons Ballroom


Sunday April 21

8:00 - 10:30

Morning Refreshments
Georgian Lounge


8:00 - 5:00

Registration, Bookfair, Poster Exhibit, and Book Signings
Commons Ballroom


8:45 - 10:00


  • A1 North, South, East, West: Regionalism in American Poetry, Bartlett 2000

        Kimberly Burwick, Kevin Goodan, Rebecca Gayle Howell, Rachel Morgan


  • A2 Writing Collaboratively: Why You Don’t Have to Go It Alone *, Bartlett 1060

Lucas Pingel, B.J. Love (moderator)


  • A3 Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth Century Literature, Bartlett 2047

James Roberts, “The Eye of Polyphemus: Imaginative Fiction and Poetry in the NAR since 1900”


  • A4 Critical Readings *, Bartlett 2089

Alexandra Bissell, “Writing Queer Immortality: The Poetry of Thom Gunn and the AIDS Archive”

Daniel Uncapher, “The Sentimental Ones: Hubert Creekmore and William Grant Still”

Frederic Will, "Labor and Writing"

N.T. McQueen, “Limitless Burden: Racial Definition and Parody in Percival Everett’s Erasure”


  • A5 Fiction Reading, Bartlett 1129

Julianne Couch, "Turning Non-Fiction into Fiction Along the Sylvan Trail"

John Henry Fleming, "Xenophilia"

Nick Seifert, "Another Night of Recycling Cans"


  • A6 Dialogue in Fiction *, Bartlett 34

Rod Martinez, "Dialogue: It Isn’t Just About Talk"

Jennifer Morales, "Hearing Voices"

Valerie  Fioravanti, "Authentic Artifice"      


  • A7 Poetry Reading, ​Bartlett 1017

Stephen Haven, Rosa Lane, Owen Mordaunt, Peter Cooley


  • A8 Creative Nonfiction Reading *, Bartlett 3021

Martin McGoey, "American Bison"

Kevin Koch, "The Thin Places: A Celtic Landscape from Ireland to the Driftless"

Michael William Palmer, "Mormon Country, A-Z"


  • A9 Animalia Poetica, Bartlett 81 

Claire Millikin, "State Fair Animals"

Matthew Murrey, "Run Wild: Letting the Real and Imaginary Animals Loose in Poems"

Anne Struthers, "The Kindness of Crocodiles and Other Creatures"


  • A10 The Craft of Narrative Prose *, Bartlett 2055

Jenny O’Connell, "Sing it Loud: Looking to Music for Lessons on Embracing Vulnerability on the Page"

Kelly Daniels, "'I'm Nobody! Who Are You?': On Writing Because You Love It"

Gordon Mennenga, “Writing Under the Influence”


  • A11 The Cyclical Imagination: Writing Inter-Linked Stories *, Bartlett 1039

Tim Bascom, Rebecca McKanna, K.L. Cook


  • A12 The Narrative Mode in Fiction *, Bartlett 2129

Jody Hobbs Hesler, "Narrative Tension: The Promises Writers Make"

Emily Wortman-Wunder, "Resonant Frequencies: On the Uses of Information in Fiction"

Laura Herbst, "The Sun Was a Woman: On Not Knowing What Comes Next in Fiction"


10:00 - 11:15 


  • B1 Repressed Voies: A Reading and Discussion of Poetry from Syria and Haiti *, Bartlett 2055

Elizabeth Dodd, Scott Minar, Stephen Haven


  • B2 The Resurgent Sonnet: A Roundtable, Bartlett 1000

Michael White, Aliki Barnstone, Allison Joseph


  • B3 Creative Nonfiction Reading *, Bartlett 1060

Kathleen Blackburn, "Daughter Tongue"

Jean Feraca, "Caves: Caves: How Donald Hall’s poetry writing seminar changed my life"

Jason Harper, "A Murmuration of Starlings"


  • B4 Writing Through History, History Through Writing *, Bartlett 3021

Jess Bowers, “Productive Anachronisms: On Writing and Teaching Historical Fiction in the Internet Age” 

Marci Bowden, “The North American Review as Historical Context in the Classroom”


  • B5 Publishing Worlds *, Bartlett 2129

Kathy Flann, "Something About a Frying Pan and a Fire: Why I Gave Up a Tenured Position and Launched a Publishing Imprint"

Ted Morrissey, "Writing Too Good to Publish"

Sayeeda Ahmad, "To Publish or Not to Publish"


  • B6 What We Write About When We Write About Environment, Bartlett 81

K. L. Cook (moderator), Debra Marquart, Charissa Menefee, David Zimmerman


  • B7 Forty Years On: The Evolution and Impact of Tributaries, a Student-Produced Journal of Creative Arts *, Bartlett 17

Tanya Perkins, Brian Brodeur, Melissa Blankenship


  • B8 Image and Poetry, Poetry as Image *, Bartlett 2089

Naoko Fujimoto, “Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory”

Vince Gotera​, “Word Pictures: Concrete Poetry and Carmina Figurata”

Penny Wang, "Abstractness: From Poetry in Logographic Text to Fatacism Abstract Art"


  • B9 NAR Poets Read, Bartlett 1017

Rustin Larson

Dave Meyer

Wyatt Townley, "Body as Poem"

Steve Wilson, "Lose to Find"


  • B10 Fiction Reading *, Bartlett 34

Mary Louise Tabakow, “Stop the Music”

Laura Gabel-Hartman, “Moles, 2004”

Marcus A. Hennessy, “Bobby's Hair” & “The Need to Write”


  • B11 Poetries of Unlikely Beauty *, Bartlett 1039

Seth Thill, “Masterpiece on the Mississippi: A Portrait of America’s Fourteenth Drunkest City”

Alberto Sveum, “Negotiating a Shared Space Between the Poetics of Joy and Black Metal”


11:15 - 12:30 


  • C1 Slang in America: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives on Whitman’s 1885 Essay *, Bartlett 2055    

Hannah Carr-Murphy, Seth Thill, Kathryn Wohlpart


  • C2 A Space for Dissent: A Roundtable *, Bartlett 34

Susan Porterfield, John Bradley, Ric Amequita, Bonnie Amesquita


  • C3 Literary Magazines in Theory and Practice, Bartlett 1017

Travis Kurowski, "Theory of Literary Magazines"

Peter Cooley, "Editing Poetry for NAR, 1970-2000"

Alexander Luft, "Newspapers, Literary Magazines and the Disappearing Public"


  • C4 Creating Creative Communities *, Bartlett 2129

Rosalind Buckton-Tucker, “The Cultural Psychology of Creativity and the Writing Retreat: A Case Study”

Wade Geary, “Alternative Models: Reimagining the Structure of an Introductory Creative Writing Course” 

Robyn Groth, “Quality Writing Instruction in the Community”

Erin Robertson, “Coyote Collaboration: Communal Writing with Unsuspecting Strangers”


  • C5 Writing Character in Fiction *, Bartlett 1039

Rod Martinez, "Character Kickstart 2.0"


  • C6 Sighted: A Literary and Letterpress Collaboration, Bartlett 1129

James D’Agostino, Karen Carcia


  • C7 Poetry Reading *, Bartlett 1060

David Wolf, Phil Tabakow, Sujash Purna


  • C8 A Fiction Reading by NAR Writers, Bartlett 2000

Warren Jones, Roderick Townley, Julia Lynn Rubin


  • C9 The Nature of Love in the Contemporary Lyric: Sensual and Spiritual Poems by Women *, Bartlett 2089

Patricia Clark, Alice Friman, Marilyn Kallet


  • C10 A Deep Cut Through the Heartland: From the Bluff Country to the Delta, Vital Voices of Rural America, Bartlett 2047

Elijah Burrell, Greg Brownderville, Keith Lesmeister, Angela Mitchell


  • C11 On (Non)Fiction *, Bartlett 3021

Christiana Langenberg, "Transgenre Prose: the Permeable Boundary Between Fiction and Nonfiction"

Nina Barragan, “When Fiction Becomes Memory”


12:30 - 1:45 


  • Lunch Workshop: Scared Violent like Horses: Interrogating Landscape and Region to Write the Perfect Simile *, Bartlett 34

John McCarthy

  • Lunch Workshop: The Coolest Month: A NaPoWriMo and Poem-a-Day Workshop, Bartlett 81

Vince Gotera

  • Lunch Reading: NAR Fiction Writers, Bartlett 1017

​​Jack Smith, Valerie Fioravanti

1:45 - 3:00 


  • D1 Ecological Visions of Modernist Poets *, Bartlett 2055

Jim O’Loughlin, Catherine Daly, Skye Rozario


  • D2 Forms, Traditions, Sources (*), Bartlett 17

Lee Bahan, “To Wrestle with the Angel: Periodicity in Petrarch’s 'Chapbook' of 1337”

Henry Finch, “Urmuz: An Obscured Source of Surrealism”


  • D3 Rethinking the Workshop, Revising the Curriculum, Bartlett 1017

Scott McMullen, “Content in Student Writing”

Autumn Stephens, “Against Pre-Scription: The Genuinely Generative Prompt”

Matthew Salesses, “There Is No Such Thing as ‘Pure’ Craft”


  • D4 Fierce and Phenomenal Fiction: Multi-modal and Nonlinear Stories from ISU's “Write Like a Woman’ course *, Bartlett 1039

Christiana Langenberg, Moderator


  • D5 Gender and the Craft of Fiction *, Bartlett 2089

Trudy Lewis, “Gender Craft: Writing Diversity”

Timothy DeLizza, “Writing Embodied Women” 

Alia Afzal, "Bridging Transnational Feminism and Ecofeminism" 


  • D6 Starting a Fire: Tinderbox Editions Reading, Bartlett 1000

Athena Kildegaard, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Katherine Rauk


  • D7 Writing to Save Your Life: Hospice, Prison, and Spirituality *, Bartlett 34

Alan Harris, "Hospice Bed Conversations"

Ellen Taylor, "Writing From the Outside In"

Susan Baller-Shepard, “Saving the Soul of Your Character: Sussing Out Spiritual Lives, Religious Rituals, and the Practice of Darshan in Character Development”


  • D8 Writing and Healing *, Bartlett 2129

Jessica Love, “Mental Health Hygiene for Writing Instructors”

Laura McCullough, “Wellness & Emotional Literacy in the Writing Workshop”


  • D9 Midwest Poetry Reading, Bartlett 2047

Tiffany Grayson, "Homes of our Foremothers: Poems Mourning the Great Lakes"

Jim Johnson, "Ecopoetry"

Dylan Loring, “Famous in Canada, and other poems"


  • D10 The Writing Life *, Bartlett 3021

Ralph Moisa, "Does Jesus Hate Indians / Indians Love to Laugh"


  • D11 Teacher & Writer: Finding Reciprocity *, Bartlett 1060

Dana Thomann, Ashley Wells 

 3:00 - 4:15 

  • E1 Re-Viewing the Past: A Student-Faculty Reading of Creative Work Inspired by Early American Texts, Bartlett 81

Anne Myles, Dylan Haase, Alizée Millot, Natalie Peterson


  • E2 Speculative Writing *, Bartlett 2089

Danielle Dunagan, "When Monsters Take Over Memory: Theorizing the Speculative Memoir"

Ariadne Wolf, "My Speculative Memoir"

Trudy Lewis, "Medusa’s Ball"


  • E3 Heresy and Empowerment: Inside and Outside Writing Classes *, Bartlett 34

Michael Fischer, “From Big House to Ivory Tower: One Writer's Insights on the Road from Prison to Grad School” 

Margaux Griffith and Jenna Bazzell, “Empowering Narrative in a Composition Classroom”


  • E4 Measuring Our Values: Placement Tests and Teaching, Bartlett 1129

Marcea Seible, Janice Neuleib


  • E5 The Craft of Writing Place *, Bartlett 1039

Jennifer Case, “Writing Place in the Upper Midwest”

John Morgan, “Moving to Fairbanks: On Writing and Place”


  • E7 NAR Poets Read, Bartlett 1017

Elijiah Burrell, "Troubler: A Rock Record of Form and Heartbreak"

Sandy Longhorn, "I (Re)Write the Songs"

Jess Williard, "Unmanly Grief"


  • E8 Writing Healing *, Bartlett 1060

Kathryn Wohlpart, “The Bog is in Front of You”: Trauma Between Land and Body

Amy Nolan, “Searching for a Language that Heals: Writing from a Ruined Landscape”


  • E9 Poetry Reading *, Bartlett 3021

Susan Porterfield, John Bradley, Ric Amesquita, Bonnie Amesquita


  • E10 “'If I Knew Then What I Know Now': Becoming Editors" *, Bartlett 2129

Adrienne Lamberti, Vince Gotera, Jim O’Loughlin, Steve Semken​


  • E11 Faculty Writing Workshops: Creation, Engagement, and Kinship, Bartlett 2000

Andrew Jones, Matt Muilenburg, Dale Easley


* denotes room outfitted with technology